A1 Imports inc.  is a private Canadian company. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2023, A1 Imports Distribution is an importer and distributor of renowned consumer products in Canada. With more than 50 product lines available from all major Canadian retailers in numerous distribution networks such as general merchandise stores, drugstores, convenience stores, hardware stores and gas stations, A1 Imports Distribution prioritizes the development of strong customer relationships. business.

With products manufactured overseas, the United States and Canada, A1 Imports offers a large selection of excellent quality and competitive branded product lines.

These lines are geared towards two vast market segments:


  1. General Merchandise Stores
  2. Drugstores
  3. C-Stores
  4. Gas Station Stores


    The company offers commodity, novelty and specialty items to a large array of consumers, providing cutting edge products with an impeccable service.

    As well, through its global sourcing network of manufacturers, a private label service to customise and personalize products for retailers and corporate companies is also offered.